About Scope Talks

The internet is full of astronomy sites, blogs, forums, and news sources. But when it comes to reliable and practical information about the joys of observing and using telescopes, we’ve noticed there is a void. And we feel we can help.

An alarming number of first telescopes end up collecting dust in a closet instead of starlight in the backyard, after the initial excitement of the purchase wears off.  Why is that?  We think part of the answer is that the fun of astronomy isn’t often conveyed on-line very well.  We’ve also noticed that practical, nuts-and-bolt information on using and choosing equipment is in short supply.  This is why we at Canadian Telescopes have recruited a stable of knowledgeable writers and created Scope Talks.com.

Our aim is to provide lively, informative, and useful articles that revolve around telescopes, astronomy gear, observing, and nearly everything else related to enjoying the night sky.

Welcome aboard — we hope you’ll visit often.

If you’re an astronomy writer and would like to join the Scope Talks team, contact us via e-mail at admin@scopetalks.com.


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